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Management for Accounting and Professional Services Firms


Levvy is a next generation work management platform built to support outsourced teams of any size across accounting and business services.

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Everything in one place

Company-Wide Transparency & Organization

With Levvy, you can streamline your workflows and boost efficiency by bringing all your tasks, client details, and team communication together in one easy-to-use platform. This means smoother work and better results for your clients—a win-win!


Boost Efficiency

Keep all your important info in one spot, neatly organized and seamlessly integrated within workflows. No more searching for scattered information. New hires can learn the ropes faster and everyone can follow the same steps.

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Enhance Service Delivery

Automate routine tasks and reporting so your team can spend more time on creative and important work. No more getting stuck in endless, boring tasks (ahem, time tracking).


Improve Visibility

Real-time reporting and analytics provide you with a quick look at what your team is doing right now. Fix things fast and prevent missed deadlines, keeping your clients happy with top-notch service.

In the first 60 days of using Levvy, my team was able to increase their capacity by 30%.

Using Levvy gave the team the confidence to delegate tedious, low-profit tasks, which frees up their time to do important strategic client work.

Jeanne Hardy

Founder and CEO, Creative Business, Inc.


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Boost Efficiency

Work smarter, not harder

In the fast-paced world of professional services, time is precious. We’re all about maximizing every minute without burning out. Smooth workflows lead to engaged employees and increased productivity.

Imagine this: all your team’s tools, neatly organized and accessible. With Levvy, it’s all there—standardized workflows, streamlined tasks, and easy onboarding.

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Enhance Service Delivery

Eliminate “work about work” so your team can achieve the goals you hired them for

Busy work kills creativity. Knowledge workers spend nearly half their time on work about work—until now. Dynamic workflows, automation, and built-in collaboration tools empower your team to deliver high-value results, keeping clients happy and your business thriving.

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If you’re a professional services firm,
you’ve got to try Levvy

Experience workflow management built for ever-evolving client needs, not to-do lists. Designed specifically for professional services businesses from business management, HR, and accounting firms to marketing and PR agencies.

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The team behind Levvy


Levvy CEO and Founder Jeanne Hardy built her career around helping business owners unlock new levels of growth.

While growing her own firm, Creative Business Inc., and working with more than 500 professional services clients for 15 years, Jeanne saw growing firms tripping over their tech — and delivering a sub-par client experience as a result. She couldn’t find a tool that met the unique needs of professional services firms, so she built Levvy.

We understand the very specific challenges faced by professional services firms — so every feature we create is with you in mind. This isn’t a tool built for a retail company that also-kind-of-works for a law firm. It’s built specifically for businesses like yours — with evolving client processes and all.

It’s time to try the platform where everyone can do their best work

The days of tackling 100 different trackers are over. Leave behind your scattered systems and switch to Levvy.

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