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Levvy is a next generation work management platform built to support outsourced teams of any size across accounting and business services.



“Everything is on fire”

So many spreadsheets. 23 different clients. 100 different trackers. Constant follow-ups. Too many communication channels. All this leads to… burnout. Employee turnover. Time-consuming training. Overwhelm. Tasks get missed. Clients get frustrated. 

It’s hard to grow your business when everything is coming at you at once. You need a way to see the bigger picture and get work done at the same time.


“Before, our work was disjointed. Now, Levvy is the single language we all speak together”

-Arjun, COO @ Creative Business Inc.

Try Levvy and transform the way you work.

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“My team has significantly improved in getting their work done on time.

“For example, one person had a recurring Monday task but wasn’t getting it done until Tuesdays. Now I’m seeing it done on Monday because Levvy motivates them. They want to hit that complete button and see it go away on Monday.”

Jennifer, Team Manager, Creative Business Inc.

Levvy makes space for focus and flow


Everything is in one place

(even time tracking)

Centralize your collaboration and eliminate workflow friction. Transparent, efficient workflows lead to engaged employees and a positive culture.

Build institutional knowledgeexpand

When everything happens in one place, it’s easy to carry out standardized workflows and get new hires up to speed — things no longer just disappear when a team member leaves.

Communicate where you workcollapse
Track hours intuitivelycollapse
Client Information

“It’s all just right there.”

“My favorite thing about Levvy is that we’re not using six different apps . When you’re working on one thing, all the information you need for it can be linked right into that task. Instead of getting rid of things that we’re already using and recreating in Levvy,we can just link it . Whether it’s an existing Google Sheet, or a DropBox folder. Or a login. It’s all just right there.”

-Jennifer, Team Manager, Creative Business Inc.


Eliminate “work about work” so your team can achieve the goals you hired them for

Busy work kills creativity. Knowledge workers spend nearly half their time on work about work — until now. Dynamic workflows, data management, and built-in reporting mean you produce consistent results so clients stay satisfied.

Visualize work in real timeexpand

See what the entire team is working on so you can prioritize work and gauge progress, without wasting time on status updates.

Eliminate tedious taskscollapse
Organically connect teamscollapse

“Now that I can see my brain on the screen, work feels more under control.” 

“We have 23 clients at a given time — I used to get a little overwhelmed. I didn’t even know what to work on because it was all coming at me at once. But with Levvy, I can see all the clients at once, and I can see the plan: how the week is going to go and who’s helping with what task. My brain used to be more scrambled, but now that I can see my brain on the screen, work feels more under control.”

-Erica, Project Manager, Creative Business Inc.


The visibility you need to make sure clients have an amazing experience

Spot missed deadlines before they happen. Jump directly to at-risk tasks, ensuring the work gets done and employees get the support they need.

Remove roadblocks right awayexpand

Provide seamless, timely support when employees need it — not when a task has been stuck for weeks and the client’s asking for an update.

Access information exactly when you need itcollapse
Measure performance, optimize profitabilitycollapse
Task Details

If you’re a professional services firm, you’ve got to try Levvy

Experience workflow management built for ever-evolving client needs, not to-do lists. Designed specifically for professional services businesses from business management, HR, and accounting firms to marketing and PR agencies.

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“In the first 60 days of using Levvy, my team was able to increase their capacity by 30%,

which led to a reduction in the overall cost of providing service. Using Levvy gave the team the confidence to delegate tedious, low-profit work, which frees up their time to do important strategic client work.”

-Jeanne Hardy, Founder and CEO, Creative Business, Inc.



We believe work should get easier over time

Levvy CEO and Founder Jeanne Hardy built her career around helping business owners unlock new levels of growth. While growing her own firm, Creative Business Inc., and working with more than 500 professional services clients for 15 years, Jeanne saw growing firms tripping over their tech — and delivering a sub-par client experience as a result. She couldn't find a tool that met the unique needs of professional services firms, so she built Levvy.

We understand the very specific challenges faced by professional services firms — so every feature we create is with you in mind. This isn’t a tool built for a retail company that also-kind-of-works for a law firm. It’s built specifically for businesses like yours — with evolving client processes and all.


It’s time to try the platform where everyone can do their best work 

The days of tackling 100 different trackers are over. Leave behind your scattered systems and switch to Levvy.