5 Tips to Get Your Team
Thinking Like CFOs

In the financial world, there’s a massive chance for you and your team to step up your game. Small businesses want more than just basic services—they’re looking for a real partnership that adds serious value.


Surprisingly, 60% of U.S. small business owners feel that they aren’t knowledgeable when it comes to accounting. 

And get this, a staggering half of businesses with 50 or fewer employees operate without the guidance of a dedicated CFO or controller. But the good news is, the opportunity for a more engaged and proactive finance team is huge!

So, why the holdup?

The thing is, it’s all about changing how accountants and financial folks work with clients. To become more advisory-focused, leaders need to shake things up and get their teams thinking like CFOs.

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Here are 5 Surefire Ways to Empower Your Team and Win Client Trust:

Make ‘Em Think Big

Push your team to think beyond the usual transactional stuff. Ask them questions that make them think strategically about clients. Find out what’s happening, what’s changed, and what’s new for the client. It’s all about going beyond the basics.

Spot Advisory Moments

Spot the people in your team who rock at dealing with clients and put them in the spotlight. But it’s not just about being friendly; even the quiet workers who notice day-to-day changes can bring valuable insights. Encourage everyone to share what they see.

Build Client Bonds

Get your team to focus on building strong relationships with clients. Remind them about all the cool stuff your team can do. That way, when a client talks about expanding or hiring, your team is there with top-notch support.

Take It Slow for Big Changes

Switching mindsets isn’t a quick fix. Plant the seeds of change and let them grow over time. Practice patience and allow the fresh mindset to gradually influence the culture and behaviors within your team.

In a nutshell:

Small businesses are itching for the kind of insights financial pros can give. Now’s the perfect time to pump up your team, get them thinking strategically, and take your firm to the next level!

As you start transforming your team into strategic CFO thinkers, consider Levvy – the innovative work management platform custom-built for outsourced accounting and business services teams. 

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